Doppler - The European Brand

Doppler Umbrellas were founded in 1946 when the company founder Ernst Doppler established a factory in Braunau am Inn, Austria.  For over 70 years Doppler have been a pioneer in developing and producing high quality umbrellas.  The Doppler brand has grown to be the largest manufacturer of umbrellas in Europe known for their reliability and innovation. 


Style, Elegance, and Strength

Doppler have an umbrella for every occasion.  The modern and constantly changing designs ensure you have a stylish and fashionable accessory.  Doppler makes men's umbrellas, women's umbrellas, kid's umbrellas, and golf umbrellas. 


The Brand Promise - Carbonsteel

Doppler Carbonsteel Umbrellas are extremely tough and can withstand winds up to 100 km/h.  The Carbonsteel range have an extended 5 year warranty.